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Telephone Analysis


ACISS TAP interfaces with most popular Dialed Number Recorders (PIN Registers) and Title III equipment to provide comprehensive analysis of telephone calls, text messages, emails, and other forms of electronic communications. An integrated word processor is provided for building full text searchable transcripts for each call record. Title III call audio is automatically compressed and attached to call records in real-time, allowing authorized investigators to see the data and listen to the actual calls within seconds after calls are completed, from anywhere. The TAP module assists investigators with the legal requirements, security, and reporting of wire information, dramatically reducing the resources and costs associated with these investigations.



  • Comprehensive analysis for DNRs, toll imports, text messages, emails, and Title III investigations
  • Advanced graphical analysis tools
  • Analysis reports with just one mouse click:
    - 7 & 10 Day Court Reports
    - Multi-target Analysis
    - Time of Day, Day of Week Reports and Charts
    - Telephone Log Report
    - Frequency Analysis Report & Charts
    - Call History Report
    - Intercepted Call Report
  • Automated subscriber import via telco subpoena process and commercial data providers
  • iconnectiv ELEP integration
  • Thompson Reuters CLEAR integration
  • Automated Cellebrite and Oxygen data import
  • Robust API for integration with collection devices/services
  • Integrated import designer for building custom import formats
Telephone Analysis Workflow


  • Manage all call data right from within your investigative case
  • Robust integration with collection devices
  • Build your own import formats

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