Web based information management solutions for law enforcement

Law Enforcement Records Management (RMS)


The ACISS Web Automated Records Management System (ARMS) is a complete records management solution. ARMS provides full incident-based reporting and electronic UCR and NIBRS validation and reporting. ACISS ARMS can easily be integrated with most existing Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems and has features common to all ACISS Web modules. ARMS is built on top of our Case Management/Intelligence Reporting functionality, providing all of the core information gathering, management, and dissemination capabilities. Use of this core repository means that road units can now have a complete picture of the subjects they are encountering and their histories, in real-time, increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and above all else, officer safety.




Fully automated UCR/NIBRS validation and electronic submission.

Arrest Reporting

Allows for multiple arrested subjects, multiple charges per subject, multiple arrest locations, and different arresting officers for each charge.


Track traffic citations. Easily integrate with external or mobile ticketing systems.

Crash Reporting

Document accident reports and generate printable accident forms.

Field Interview Reporting

Easily document subject encounters in the field.

Property Reporting

Track lost/stolen property.

Pawn Integration

Processes pawn shop data, attempting to match serial numbers, owner added numbers, and property descriptions to those reported missing or stolen.

Records Management RMS Workflow


  • Save time with simplified UCR and NIBRS state reporting
  • Easily manage and report on operational resources by squad, unit, division, etc.
  • Automated case routing to investigative units based on offense hierarchy
  • Eliminate redundant data entry by leveraging common repository of subjects, addresses, vehicles
  • Easy integration with existing dispatch (CAD) systems

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