Web based information management solutions for law enforcement

Investigative/Intelligence Case Management (CMS)


ACISS Web Case Management is a complete investigative toolkit for managing cases. Its power and strength is unmatched for large agencies, yet it is flexible enough to function efficiently for small agencies as well. The Case Management module includes a comprehensive suite of tools for the management of investigative units, including electronic report routing/approval, and hour/expense tracking.

ACISS Case Management gives investigators the ability to track the progress of their cases every step of the way. Supervisors and administrators not only have the ability to track the cases of individual investigators, but also for entire units, squads, divisions, etc. Statistical and status reporting can be done by supervisors, themselves, with just a few mouse clicks.

Additionally, with its intelligence reporting capabilities, gang documentation and tracking, 28CFR Part 23 compliance, flexible multi-jurisdictional security model, and standards based data access architecture, ACISS Case Management is also a perfect match for fusion centers and regional intelligence sharing initiatives.



Arrest Reporting

Allows for multiple arrested subjects, multiple charges per subject, multiple arrest locations, and different arresting officers for each charge.

Critical Infrastructure Tracking

Track critical infrastructure facilities by type, jurisdiction, area of impact, and maintain contact information on each facility.

Gang Intelligence

Provides capabilities specific to gangs and applicable statutory membership requirements for enhanced sentencing. Automatic statutory gang membership status calculation based on incoming intelligence (Gang Intelligence reports, arrest reports, field interviews, etc.).

Property Reporting

Track seized property and collected evidence.

Field Interview Reporting

Easily document subject encounters in the field.

Fire Investigation Reporting

Support arson investigations with documentation of injury and fatality information, insurance information, and cause of fire.

28CFR Part 23 Compliance

Fully automated process for managing intelligence data retention.

Expense Reconciliation

Provides for comprehensive tracking of monetary distributions to units and investigators with periodic balancing and reconciliation of accounts.

Case Management CMS Workflow


  • Efficiently manage entire investigations
  • Manage investigative resources (investigators, time, expenses)
  • Organize and visualize your intelligence data
  • Ensure 28CFR Part 23 Compliance
  • Save time with electronic report routing and approval
  • Ensure continuity after staff reassignment with automated workload transfer

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