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Property & Evidence Management

ACISS Web Property & Evidence is a complete solution for the tracking and management of all types of investigative property and evidence from submission through disposal. This module provides integrated bar coding and indexing of inventory and a streamlined disposal process for the efficient removal of inventory that is no longer relevant. It is flexible for use in any size property department and, like all ACISS modules, is capable of serving multiple units within an agency as well as managing property for multiple agencies in a single system. ACISS Property & Evidence allows for quick and easy location of any and all inventoried property items, ensuring you are prepared for an audit on a moment's notice.



  • Integrated barcode printing and scanning
  • Complete chain of custody tracking
  • Automated review and disposal process
  • Multi-facility and multi-agency support
  • Automatic generation of customizable lab forms and property receipts
  • Configurable security model for evidence room custodians, supervisors, and other personnel
  • Real-time inventory auditing allows for quick resolution of inventory exceptions
Property Evidence Management Workflow


  • Streamline your evidence management processes
  • Never lose track of an item
  • Eliminate unnecessary inventory
  • Consolidate property management for multiple agencies
  • Ensure accountability with robust auditing capabilities

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