Web based information management solutions for law enforcement

Lead Management


The ACISS Web Tips & Tasks module was designed specifically for high profile criminal incidents involving large numbers of leads and personnel. Tips & Tasks can be used on a daily basis to manage information from tip lines and for assignment and follow-up on investigative tasks that result from tip lines. Tips & Tasks ensures that no lead "slips through the cracks". Supervisors and investigators are automatically notified of overdue work items. Tips can easily become reports in investigative cases. A single click creates a new report in a new or existing case and transfers all relevant information without having to re-key a single element of data. Tips & Tasks can also be used for the collection of incoming suspicious activity reports (SARs), which can be routed internally for investigation and also automatically be submitted electronically to external systems like the FBI's eGuardian system.



  • Multi-agency/multi-jurisdiction capable
  • Electronic routing, assignment and approval processes
  • Isolated "Quick Tip" interface for volunteer call takers
  • Single-click "Tip to Report" functionality
  • Complete activity history ensures highest accountability
  • Leverage core attachment functionality by attaching 911 call audio, surveillance video, tip line call audio, etc.
  • Utilizes the same core security model as Case Management module
  • Automatic SAR export to FBI eGuardian
  • Optional public web form for collecting citizen Suspicious Activity Reports
Lead Management Workflow


  • Manage massive numbers of incoming tips/leads
  • Manage daily workload using internal task assignment
  • Never lose a tip or lead

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